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The first 5 things to plan after your Christmas engagement

Hello gang! Well when I planned this blog post to help you guys after your Christmas engagement’s I did not expect I would be writing it from the point of view of an engaged lady! Yes, the ol’ ball and chain is making an honest woman of me! It’s all been a beautiful whirlwind I have to say, and good news for this blog as it allows me to suggest advice from the point of view of both a wedding supplier professional and a bride to be!



So here we go…


1.   DON’T TELL ANYONE!!! Ok that was a bit dramatic, obviously you are going to be bursting at the seams to spread your happy news! I took SUCH delight in facetiming all my friends and family the day after Liam proposed and seeing their happy and surprised faces! But I will say, take some time just you and your fiancé to enjoy the moment, to just be you guys and enjoy your connection before all the happy chatter. People have a LOT of opinions when you get engaged and they want details about a wedding you have barely had two seconds to even think about which can end up being a little overwhelming so hold on to the special post engagement buzz for a moment just between the two of you. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

Image taken from  Hello May  by photographer  Once and for all.

Image taken from Hello May by photographer Once and for all.


2.  Get researching. Go and buy proper, physical bridal magazines! When else will you ever get to do this?! Choose a good variety as well so you can get a really broad selection of inspiration. Rock N Roll Bride is a particular fave of mine with excellent alternative inspiration and so beautifully printed, you’ll want this one in physical form! Blogs are also an excellent source of inspiration, again subscribe to a few different ones, Hello May and Junebug are particularly great for you boho babes out there!

Top tip, Hello May is an Australian blog and the wedding industry down under is always way ahead of the game with the latest trends so be sure to keep an eye on them for new and original ideas!



Alternative wedding inspo from  Rock N Roll Bride

Alternative wedding inspo from Rock N Roll Bride

3.   Know that there are a million different ways to get married. It’s very easy to get hung up on tradtion, on other peoples opinions and of your own ideas of what a wedding SHOULD be. But all a wedding should be is full of love and about you two. It’s probably not something you have ever researched much into before so take your time before settling on an idea. The big church, white wedding might be for you but your menu of options is vast. How about eloping and a big party to celebrate when you get back? What about an outdoor wedding with food trucks instead of a big formal meal? The options are endless and when you land on the perfect idea you will just know.

Food trucks are the perfect antidote to a formal sit down meal. No table plan to worry about, no stress! Image taken from  Rock My Wedding

Food trucks are the perfect antidote to a formal sit down meal. No table plan to worry about, no stress! Image taken from Rock My Wedding

4.   Obviously Pintrest is still king when it comes to wedding planning but did you know you can make saved collections on Instagram too? If you click the little flag next to an image it will save, you can then separate these into collections of venues, flowers, dresses etc all linked directly to the supplier rather than simply a collection of inspiration images created by suppliers that may not be local to you like pintrest. 

5.     Once you find one supplier you particularly like have a look for any photoshoots they may have been involved in. Suppliers will usually tag everyone who was involved in the shoot and this is a great way to discover different suppliers with a similar style to each other rather than plowing through a million google search results.

Image by  Kelsie Low  Photography.

Image by Kelsie Low Photography.