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Welcome to the blog, here you will find features to inspire you from weddings and honeymoon ideas for my couples to advise on running a small business. Thanks so much for popping over for a read!

What type of honeymooner are you?

When it comes to planning the most lavish holiday of your life you’re probably going to want to spend a little more time and thought on it than simply spinning a globe and holidaying wherever your finger lands ( my personal favourite technique!) Here’s 5 questions you should be asking yourself before you click ‘book’

How active do you want to be?

Incredible honeymoons can be had in far flung destinations such as South America or New Zealand but be sure to ask yourself how active you want to be. If your honeymoon is 6 months or so after your wedding then a honeymoon full of travelling around and exciting activities might be the perfect choice however if you’re heading away straight after your wedding ask yourself if lying horizontal on a tropical beach might be more suitable. The last thing you want is to feel totally frazzled after your honeymoon. Many destinations such as Indonesia could be a happy medium with a mixture of luxury beach relaxation with a few activities thrown in.

What time of year?

A biggie! Its all very well planning a beautiful honeymoon to Mexico for instance but your magheritas in a hammock can get washed away with rainy season if you go at the wrong time of year. Be sure to check when the rainy season is for your destination. Equally some honeymoons may be unbearable if you are visiting during the hottest part of the year . Take it from someone who knows, although bar hopping between air conditioning in Vegas in August wasn’t totally awful!

What ‘sparks joy’?

Sorry to rip off Marie Kondo there but instead of getting weighed down by traditional honeymoon ideas or what you think you should do ask yourself what you really, truly want to do. Do you and your partner love skiing? Who cares if you’ve been a million times, go to the very best ski resort you can afford and spend it doing what you love with the person you love. Is wine more your bag? ( probably a question directed entirely to myself here) then base your honeymoon around a vineyard! The options are endless, Cape town, California, Italy, I even sampled an incredible greek wine recently! Is lying on a beach for you? Well you’re not going to struggle there. Is having your dog with you important? ( again a self directed question!!) It doesn’t have to be abroad, take that pooch along. Don’t listen to the chatter, you do you.

What’s your budget?

Obviously it goes without saying but travelling to the other side of the world for a honeymoon in Australia is going to cost considerably more than popping over to Italy. Where is your budget best placed? If Australia is a bucket list place then go for it but perhaps the money spent on expensive air fares could equally buy you an incredible luxury experience in Italy (and without jet lag from hell too) Sky scanner is always my go-to for flight research. Be sure to search on private browsing mode and delete cache and cookies to avoid a hefty hike up in price when you go back to book!

Lastly, why not replace the traditional gift list with a honeymoon fund. You don’t need a new toaster, you need an incredible experience with your new husband. Just a thought! There are loads of great sites out there now where your guests can electronically transfer you a contribution to your honeymoon if they wish and it’s a nice feeling to feel like you have helped someone you love have an incredible travel experience.