Are you able to create a hanging hoop/plank or flower bomb installations?

YES! plus a whole range of other installations! It’s kind of our thing! We love a challenge and creating striking installations is our fave. These work particularly well in marquees where you have a blank canvas to transform.

Do you have a minimum spend?

We do. Our minimum spend for 2019 will be £1000. We take on a limited about of weddings each year and pride ourselves on choosing the best blooms and the most bespoke arrangements, to do this we have to have a minimum spend. Flowers are an investment and will transform your space and forever live on in your photos.

What areas do you work in?

We are based in Essex and provide flowers for Suffolk, Kent, Cambridge and London

Can you recommend a photographer/catering?

YEs! I am so passionate about the awesome suppliers I have had the pleasure in working with. Check out my recommended suppliers page for a list of absolute dreamboats

When will payment be due?

Full payment will be due 6 weeks before your wedding

Can you email me a quote for these quantities?

Unfortunately not