Velvet Rose Flower Studio

FAQ ( No Fuss Weddings)

Frequently asked questions on ‘No Fuss Wedding’ orders

How does it work?

Our online ordering service is for those who perhaps only want a few items and don’t meet our minimum spend for our bespoke services or those who want to focus on other areas of wedding planning and just want to get the flowers ‘ticked off’. All orders must be submitted through our online booking form where you can select quantities of each arrangement and specify your palette, once we have confirmed your date is available you will receive your invoice. The date will not be confirmed until the full amount has been paid.

How does this differ from your bespoke service?

  • There is no initial 30 minute consultation, all orders are submitted online and all correspondence is strictly by email only.

  • Our bespoke service includes a detailed proposal as well as totally bespoke designs for each arrangement, it also typically includes larger installations and arrangements. Our online ordering covers more typical bridal party arrangements and simplified designs, you can see more details on this on the order sheet

  • This service has a minimum sone dog £250 rather than £1000

  • We are able to offer a cheaper service than our bespoke service as we do not include a set up or clear down fee, or a venue visit beforehand

  • No specific flowers are agreed or variations on design ( we often visit up to three suppliers for our bespoke work) this means we can offer a cheaper service to you guys. All you have to do is choose a palette and we’ll create a beautiful bouquet for you in the seasonal offerings in the classic Velvet Rose style.